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    Current Course Rules

2021 Spring Rules:
1. We are back to normal cart rules. Rakes are back out and flags may be removed for putting.
2. Sharing carts is now fine. Solo carts are available upon request, HOWEVER, a $10 charge will be applied if anyone requests their own cart. 
3. Clubhouse is OPEN!! Please Wear Masks unless eating until the mask mandate is lifted.
4. Range is open: $3 for warm up only or $6 for full bucket.
5. Practice Putting and Chipping area open.
6. Marshalls will be out to enforce pace of play, rules, and etiquette.
There is still no drinking water on the course, so bring your own. CB's will be open on a set schedule, and if they aren't here, the proshop will be serving drinks and snacks.
Please do not bring alcohol on the couse, by city ordinance.
970 874-6262