Naomi's Putting for the Cure
Spring Aeration
Delta Rotary Tournament
Delta Elks Tournament
Delta Hospital Scramble
North Fork Tournament
DHS Football Tournament
Diablo Duo
Delta High School Tournament
Ladies Club Championship
Men's Club Championship
4H Tournament
Cedaredge Basketball Tourney
Closed on Thanksgiving Day
Putting 4 the Cure
Devil's Thumb Junior Camp
Delta Rotary Tournament
Delta Elks Tournament
Devil's Thumb Junior Camp
Devil's Thumb Balloon Glow
Devil's Thumb Junior Camp July
North Fork Football Tournament
Delta High School Football Tournament
Ladies Diablo Duo Tournament
Devil's Thumb Ladies Club Championship
Devil's Thumb Men's club Championship
Devil's Thumb Senior Club Championship
4H Golf Tournament
High School Regional Tournament
Aerating Front 9
Aerating Back 9